With many years of experience and professional skills in numerical control technology, we provide customized and

perfect technical services for enterprises and customers.


Jiangmen Promise Sport Products Co., Ltd. has built good relationships with many big brands by providing them with OEM & ODM services. Meanwhile, we have mastered many international technologies and new trends in the sports area. With years of experience in CNC technology and professional skills, we can provide customized and perfect technical services for enterprises and customers.


After many years of research and manufacturing of speed roller skatings and stunt scooters, Promise Sport has designed different styles of skating products for skating lovers of different ages and levels. Some of the stunt scooters are entry-level scooters specially designed for the scooter beginners to learn, and some are children-use scooters that match the size of children. Of course, high-performance stunt scooters designed to show high-level skills for advanced skaters are definitely indispensable.
   In our company, we can also customize the exclusive freestyle scooter products for professional-level players according to their special requirements for scooter accessories. We can also customize products for other cooperative suppliers. OEM service is available in our company. Due to the wide variety of products and the OEM customization, there is always a product that can meet the needs of customers.
We are Promise Sport and are always professional about the manufacturing of scooter skating.

OEM & ODM services are offered to help you!

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