Can Promise Sport provide certificate of origin for ice skating boots?
We have obtained all the licenses and certificates required for the ice skating boots, including certificate of origin. It facilitates the transition of goods, settlement payment, and complains & compensations. With these certificates in hand, we ensure our tapping into global markets is conducted smoothly. We will make a specific and detailed description of the product material, specifications, and application range to help to handle relevant procedures. To learn more about our certificate of origin, please contact us through phone or email.
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Jiangmen Promise Sport Products CO.,LTD is accepted for producing high-quality rollerblade wheels with competitive prices. The quad skate plates series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. By using the finest materials, advanced production method, the workmanship of FOX brand ice skating boots is at a cutting-edge of the industry. FOX PRO ice skating boot is really comfortable and easy to clean. The product liberates people from heavy-duty and monotonous work, such as repeated operation, and does more than people do. FOX PRO quad skate provides superior comfort, extra flex and long-lasting performance.

Our Sense of Quality is based completely on customer satisfaction and delivering the product with the best quality on the right time in accordance with international accepted printing and quality standards. Contact!

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