How about quad skates related services?
Jiangmen Promise Sport Products CO.,LTD supplies customers with a true value with quad skates since our company starts with the very best interests of customers. We constantly take customer support seriously, and we have to achieve excellent value for our customers. We think: "Not everybody is too concerned about customer satisfaction as everybody else. But people who won't unwind their pursuit of gain will gradually triumph in this business atmosphere."
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Since inception, Promise Sport has been focusing on the design and manufacture of speed skate frame. We have earned a reputation in the industry. Various in styles, Promise Sport's Speed skate wheels can meet the needs of different customers. Quality inspections for FOX brand inline speed skates for sale are implemented in our production process. They cover strength and durability testing (e.g. puncture resistance and tear strength), Eco testing (formaldehyde content analysis), etc. FOX PRO short track ice skating boot is flexible, stable yet easy to control. If people wear this product, they will find its suppleness enables them to move, stretch in a flexible and easy manner without any restrain. The aluminum parts of FOX PRO stunt scooter is anodized under 100% CNC.

We always adhere to high-quality of FOX brand brand products.

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