How long can stunt scooter be used?
The service life of stunt scooter is determined based on the quality of the raw materials, ways of usages, maintenance methods, use frequency. Jiangmen Promise Sport Products CO.,LTD has spent years minimizing the influence of the factors mentioned above, and thereby, extending the service life of the products. Within the years, we strictly select and test raw materials to ensure the best proportion of combination so as to develop the best effect of the finished products. We formulate scientific and reasonable manuals for use, installation, and maintenance after conducting multiple tests on the product. For more detailed information, contact us.
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Since our inception, Promise Sport has built a reputation for high-quality figure skating blades which has been expanded to various industries. Speed skates is the main product of Promise Sport. It is diverse in variety. Offered FOX brand rollerblade wheels is manufactured in complete compliance with the industry standards. The handlebar of FOX PRO stunt scooter is available in Cr-Mo steel or aluminum materials. The pursuit of quality makes our Short track ice skating boots better than the ordinary products on the market. The blades of FOX PRO long track ice skating boot is nice and sharp enough.

We assume responsibility to safeguard our living and working communities. We promise never to damage and desolate the environment around due to draining and waste dumping and pollution.

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