How many Inline speed skates are produced by Promise Sport per year?
The annual out of Inline speed skates ensured by Jiangmen Promise Sport Products CO.,LTD keep surging each year. With the help of state-of-art techniques that are frequently updated, we achieve a steady increase in productivity. We also expand the occupying area of our factory plant to make it possible to allocation more production lines and machines. Meanwhile, we build a showroom that is spacious enough to showcase the products. In such a manner, we believe we can meet the expanding market demand.
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FOX brand brand has been ranking top in the market of stunt scooter wheels. Promise Sport provides a wide range of Stunt scooter for customers. This product is functional, which caters to the customers' needs. FOX PRO speed skate has a lower-cut ankle boot which offers a wider range of motion than high-top skate. Promise Sport runs a rigorous cost management system and a sound quality management system. Strict quality control and cost control is conducted based on scientific methods. freestyle scooter is good in quality and favorable in price, which makes it more competitive than other products in the same category.

Promise Sport will conform to the development trend of the times, seize every opportunity to achieve better growth in 2020 new model stunt scooter industry. Inquire now!

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