How many quad skates are produced by Promise Sport per year?
The annual output of quad skates in [47 is considerable. We have a better-equipped plant. It consists of large square meters of combined space and several production lines. All our facilities can run multiple shifts per day, and they are under 24 hours of security monitoring, allowing us to run projects with high efficiency and achieve a high level of annual output. From meeting shorter lead times to implementing simpler processes and offering competitive pricing, our plant is designed to effectively meet customers' needs.
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Jiangmen Promise Sport Products CO.,LTD has been regarded as a renowned company in China. We are engaged in market research, designing, manufacturing of rollerblade wheels. Various in styles, Promise Sport's Inline speed skates can meet the needs of different customers. FOX brand quad skate plates is verified by on-site tests. These tests include fitting testing, dry & wet crocking testing, seam strength testing, and fatigue testing. The wheel of FOX PRO quad skate shows the great capacity of a strong grip and outstanding roll. The product looks virtually appealing as it's placed in a room. It will attract the eyeballs of anyone who walk into the room due to its unique and elegant design. FOX PRO quad skate is perfect for complex moves and spins.

We guarantee that metal roller skates performance meets local requirements. Check it!

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