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How To Choose Best Ice Skates For Beginners


Best ice skates are necessary before learning to skate. Many beginners who learn to skate will face this question when choosing the ice skating boots: What types of ice skates are suitable for beginners? What kind of best ice skates brands to choose? How to choose best ice skates? This article will answer the above questions.


best ice skates

What Are The Types Of ice skates?

Skating is divided into figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating. According to different sports, skates should be equipped with different skates. If you want to choose a pair of skates that suits you, first of all you have to determine which types of ice skates you want. The skates used in different projects are different.


How To Choose Best Skates For Beginners?

In the same shoe, not everyone fits the footwear, so does ice skating boots. There are many kinds of best ice skates, which should be selected according to different situations. Especially for beginners, skating technology is not very skilled. So, how to choose best skates for beginners?

First, whether the skates are comfortable, fit, and wrapped well.

When purchasing skates, be sure to try and feel for yourself, especially for beginners. It depends on how comfortable and wrapped the feet are after the skates are put on. The best skates for beginners should be stress-free and seamless. In terms of shoe size selection, the yardage must fit. If the ice skating boots are too big, the feet will constantly rub against the shoes and the feet will blister. Skates that don't fit well can cause foot disease such as tendinitis, bone spurs, and bunions.

Second, whether the best ice skates can meet their skating needs.

Now the classification of ice skating boots can be divided into professional level and entertainment level, so when buying skates, you must first understand the main purpose of buying skates. If you choose best skates for beginners, professional skates are not suitable, because the more professional skates, the greater the hardness. Its design is mainly aimed at professional figure skaters, not for beginners. Beginners wear this kind of skates, because of its hardness, it will cause unnecessary damage to itself during the skating process.

Third, See if the skate body of the best ice skate is straight and shiny.

Hold the skates upside down, with the blade facing up and the shoe edge down. Use one eye to see if the blade is in a straight line. The straighter the blade, the better. Whether the blade has a deep cut, if the blade has a deep cut, it will affect the ice pedaling effect when skating, so when buying new best skates for beginners, you should try to choose a shallow cut knife. In addition, due to poor steel or silver plating, some ice skating boots start to rust on the surface of the blade body, and the silver plating has fallen off. The good ice skates should be very bright and have no rust marks on the surface.

Fourth, see if the connection between the skate and the skates is reasonable.

A best ice skate.Generally, the figure skates and the hockey skates are viewed vertically. The skates should be located in the middle of the skates. The left foot knife of the skates deflects slightly to the right by about 15 degrees, and the right foot knife deflects to the left by about 15 degrees.


best ice skates

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