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The purchasers of Inline speed skates are from both domestic areas and many foreign countries. By virtue of time-tested quality and considerable interests bringing to customers, the product has successfully obtained a large group of loyal customers from different countries. Although they may come from all walks of life or aim at different target customers, they share the same goal of spreading high-quality products to the whole world and bringing unlimited interests to users. As the sales network become sounder and sounder, purchasers can get easier access to the purchasing channel. For example, they can look over product information and choose the products they want through the internet.
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FOX brand has dominated the leading place in speed skate frame market. Jiangmen Promise Sport Products CO.,LTD provides a wide range of Long track ice skating boots for customers. FOX brand boots frames is made from polymers are long molecular chains that are connected together (cross-linked) to improve its toughness and resilience. FOX PRO quad skate provides superior comfort, extra flex and long-lasting performance. As a result of the effort, this product meets the strictest performance criteria. FOX PRO ice skating boot is really comfortable and easy to clean.

4 wheel skates is the soul of Promise Sport's continuous development. Inquire now!

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