Micro Scooter - A Customers Guide

by:FOX brand     2020-05-14
Before starting your hunt for a new Micro Scooter, here are a few key details that are worth keeping in mind. These tips may help cut through the countless options and enable you to purchase the finest Scooter for your needs. Within this short Micro Scooter guide we will attempt to point out the most significant aspects to investigate with the ultimate goal of saving you time and money. 1. Ascertain What exactly your Scooter Will Be Used For. Micro Scooters are really popular, not just with kids and teenagers. A large proportion of the micro scooters that are sold annually are actually to grownups, who utilise them for travelling back and forth to work, for fun or just to keep up with the youngsters. Seeing as micro scooters are so popular a majority of the main brands such as FOX have produced a variety of models in several ranges to accommodate different activities and a wide range of ages. It is therefore crucial to have a good idea what your scooter will be used for prior to commencing your product search. Some of the more popular uses for scooters are: Children: Fun at the play park, commuting to school, playing outside with friends in the street. Teenagers: At the park, Also riding to school, college or uni. Showing their skills at the skate park and practicing the latest tricks and stunts with their friend. Adults: travelling to the train station or work place, recreation in the park or on seafront, attempting to keep up with the kids without embarrassing themselves or the kids. 2. Make sure your fully aware of the benefits & restrictions of the various micro scooters. It's vital to be well aware of the benefits and restrictions. A common problem is the guarantee. For example: Did you know that there are less than 5 micro scooters in the United Kingdom that are guaranteed for skate park or extreme use. Many scooter riders are not aware that after they have used it for performing tricks and stunts, and damage results because of these actions, many things are not covered under warranty. Many manufacturers are able to ascertain just by viewing a broken scooter just what type of abuse it has been subject to. Most will insist on photographic evidence before considering a guarantee return. If you require a Micro Scooter for extreme use then it's advisable to purchase a model that is warranted for that purpose. See our Extreme Micro Scooter Section for examples of those models. 3. Make Certain To Acquire The Correct Size Micro Scooter. An additional buying decision is the correct size of the scooter. Commuters frequently require taller models so they are able to stand upright, thus having a more leisurely comfortable riding experience. Extreme scooter riders normally need shorter handlebar scooters and models that are more lightweight so one can easily maneuver to perform tricks and stunts with ease. Smaller children often need a scooter which is of an appropriate size, but that allows for plenty of growth as they get older. Very young kids may also require a scooter that is fitted with 2 rear wheels, providing extra stability until such time as they acquire the balance needed such as the Mini Micro Scooter. 4. Be Mindful That Some Of The Components Will Wear Out And Require Replacement. It all depends what the scooter will be used for and where it will be ridden by it's owner. This will tell approximately you how often components of the scooter will require maintaining and / or replacing. A few riders will never have to replace a wheel, bearing or handle bar grip if it is only used occasionally. On the other hand some riders who are heavy users and punish their scooters may have to replace things fairly regularly. Look at our micro scooter maintenance article for additional information on keeping your scooter in tip top condition. This will ensure years of enjoyment and hassle free riding.
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