Stunt Scooter Skills

by:FOX brand     2020-05-13
A question that newer riders frequently ask is what is required to get better at riding stunt scooters. Although the best way to get better is simply practising frequently and getting steadily better, there are some skills you can have will help you become a superior rider. These are some of the most important skills you need and should be looking to improve on in order to become more skilled at doing stunts on stunt scooters: Agility - in order to be a great rider agility is an attribute that is important to improve upon to do stunts faster and more frequently. The more agile you become, the bigger air, more spins and more flips you will be able to do on your stunt scooter, with some riders such as Conner James being so agile they can do multiple flips and more. Fitness - although scooters is not the most physically demanding extreme sport, it still takes a basic level of fitness in order to become a top rider. Very few elite performers are fat, and some are extremely fit and healthy, so you should look to get fit if you are serious about riding stunt scooters. Balance - a number of air tricks and even more grind tricks take a high level of balance in order to be performed correctly. You can't be good at doing tricks without having decent balance, so this should be something you should look to get better at whenever possible, although keep practising tricks on your stunt scooter on skateparks and elsewhere and this should develop naturally. Patience - getting better at doing stunts is hard work, and at times landing some new tricks and flips will seem impossible and could lead you to become disheartened. You need patience to improve at riding stunt scooters, and dedication to keep getting better when it seems your skills cannot be improved further. Creativity - the top riders of scooters are at the top due to their creativity, coming up with fresh and exciting tricks to get their scooter to perform great looking, innovative moves. Creativity is not only coming up with new tricks, but also having each tricks flow from one to the next in a creative way, using all surfaces around you with the most style possible. If you get better at all of these skills you should be well on your way to becoming highly comfortable at performing tricks on your scooter.
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