Stunt Scooters - Questions and Answers

by:FOX brand     2020-05-13
For new riders stunt scooters will often seem difficult and you will probably have hundreds of questions about the extreme sport such as how to do tricks, where to ride and how to improve your current stunts. Here is a list of some of the most common questions relating to stunt scooters which you may find helpful if you are looking to improve at the sport: Question: What is better a reinforced threaded fork or a threadless fork with a compression system? Answer: In threaded forks the threads cut in the fork making it thinner in the crevice of the threads, therefore being less strong. Also threadless forks have more contact area when you clamp creating more friction holding your bars to the forks increasing durability. Generally threadless forks with compression systems are better for these reasons. Question: What does the word allyoop mean? Answer: an Allyoop is when you get air on your scooter out of a quarterpipe in one direction but spin the opposite way. Question: How long does it take to become skilled at the sport? Answer: Stunt scooters are generally easy to pick up compared with similar hobbies like skateboarding or BMXing, and after a few months of daily practising you should be able to do quite a few good tricks. Question: Where is the best place to learn to ride? Answer: Being around friends or more experienced riders will always make you improve at stunt scooters, so head down to a local skatepark or Google to see when your nearest event is and head down to get some tips. Question: What is a tranny? Answer: A tranny refers to a transition, such as between platforms or rails on the skate park. Question: Can females be good at riding scooters? Answer: Certainly, even though there are less about, girls can still make great riders. Razor originally had some female sponsored pros around 2000 namely Lamora Lyons and Lisa Grizmer, proving gender is not inhibitive. Question: What is an easy stunt to perform? Answer: If you are a beginner and want to learn some easy tricks, start with a basic jump and then try a tailwhip. Question: Do I need an expensive ride to perform well? Answer: In most cases the more you spend the better quality your ride will be, with more dear stunt scooters having reinforced features and compression systems increasing their durability and performance. Question: Do I need metal wheels? Answer: It is not 100% necessary to have metal core wheels on your stunt scooters although when doing hard tricks and riding regularly weaker plastic or rubber material wheels may break more often. Question: What is the difference between a standard briflip and an inward briflip? Answer: A normal briflip is a back up stunt scooter flip whereas an inwards briflip is where the stunt scooter goes forwards during the flip. Hopefully these answer some common questions relating to scooters and you will be able to put what you have learnt about the sport into practise the next time you are out riding.
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