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What Are Stunt Scooter Tricks For Newbie


Stunt scooter tricks are a science. The key to learning a scooter is to master balance. The height of its body's center of gravity is an important factor in maintaining balance.If you want to play a good stunt scooter, it is very important to master advanced scooter tricks. This article aims to help scooter enthusiasts learn the scooter tricks for pros.

Several Scooter Tricks Tutorial For Newbie

Newbies playing scooters need to master a few basic stunt scooter tricks. If you stand on the skateboard straight, it will be more difficult to maintain balance, because the lower the center of gravity, the harder it is to fall. Especially when turning or suddenly accelerating or decelerating suddenly, the center of gravity should be lowered. The general recommendation is to squat down, or in a semi-squat state, so that it is easy to control the body and maintain balance. Let's take a closer look at the stunt scooter tricks.


The first scooter tricks tutorial, the upper plate, basically glide.

To play scooter, the most basic skill to master is firstly the simplest sliding on flat ground. As for the points of attention during taxiing, I think the most important thing is that the center of gravity must be placed on the forefoot. This is a stunt scooter trick. Always put your weight on the front foot, people stand up straight, the rear foot can be placed on the rear axle screw and the rear axle screw position, so that you will not fall backwards. The center of gravity is also on the front foot when you kick the ground, so you can slide faster. Use the forefoot to kick the ground from the front to the back, which is faster and more labor-saving. This is the most advanced scooter tricks for playing scooters.

Many novices say, how can I not skate fast, either you are not moving properly, or you are not practicing enough, and you have not fully mastered the stunt scooter tricks. If you want to practice taxiing, you have to go out and brush the street often. After a week of continuous brushing, your taxiing will be much better. Of course, you must pay attention to safety.


The second scooter tricks tutorial, grab the handlebar, one foot on the pedal and the other foot back.

This is one of the advanced scooter tricks for playing stunt scooters. Hold the handlebar with both hands, just grab it, and don't need to be too tight, so that the handlebar moves back and forth to adjust the direction. One foot stands on the board, and the other foot pedals hard on the ground. After the car walks, the feet sliding on the ground are lifted or placed on the board. The faster the pedaling frequency and the greater the strength, the faster the car will go. If you want to stop the car, slowly slide the foot on the brake and wait for the car to stop before landing. Master this stunt scooter trick and enjoy the fun of gliding perfectly.


The third scooter tricks tutorial, the handlebar body should be vertical.

The handlebar is perpendicular to the body, and the handlebar is only twisted when turning. If the handlebar always turns left or right, the car will make a circle in one direction, and the baby will fall easily. Therefore, mastering this advanced scooter trick is critical. Of course, it is easy to fall depending on the size of the wheel and the use of materials. The larger the wheels and the softer the material, the greater the cushioning effect, and the much safer it is when it encounters small grooves or uneven roads. Mastering this stunt scooter trick can help children play scooters more safely.


The fourth scooter tricks tutorial, one foot on the front of the skateboard and the other on the ground.

First one foot on the front of the skateboard, the other foot on the ground, sliding forward. Then, put another foot on the back of the skateboard. Leaning from the waist and the two thighs makes the skateboarding direction S-shaped. This is another stunt scooter tricks.


The fifth scooter tricks tutorial, pedal the front and back of the skateboard at the same time, and then lean forward forward instantly.

The scooter tricks for pros is to step on the front and back of the skateboard at the same time, then lean forward forward in an instant, advance and move with the help of inertia, and glide. Then, leaning to the left and right of the waist and two thighs, and pedaling left and right, so that the skateboard advances in the S-shaped direction. Mastering this stunt scooter trick allows you to glide more professionally.

Promise Sport Provides High-quality Stunt Scooters

After years of research and manufacturing of speed skating and stunt scooters, Promise Sport has designed different styles of skating products for skaters of different ages and levels. Some stunt scooters are entry-level scooters designed for beginner scooter learning, while others are child-sized scooters for children. Of course, a high-performance stunt scooter designed to show high-level skills to advanced skaters is absolutely indispensable. Therefore, mastering the stunt scooter tricks mentioned in this article, you can also become a professional scooters.

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