What to Take When Riding Stunt Scooters

by:FOX brand     2020-05-13
When you are about to go out riding on your stunt scooter it is always a good idea to get prepared and pack up items you may need when out before you leave. Most indoor skate parks will have lockers for bags where you can leave your stuff safely, otherwise you could keep a bag with your items on when riding or leave one with a friend who is having a break from doing tricks on the streets or outdoor skate park. Depending on where you are going to ride, what sort of tricks you will be doing and how long you plan to stay for all affect what you need to take with you when riding your stunt scooter, although considering taking the following items is a good idea: Music - If you are riding on an outdoor street spot or in an outdoor skatepark, taking loud speakers and an iPod or mp3 player can be awesome to have some music to ride to or enjoy during breaks. Clothes - You should always take a few extra clothes with you when riding stunt scooters. This could be due to tearing your clothes after bailing or simply to put on if the weather gets cold or it starts to rain. Spare wheel - Wheels of stunt scooters are not the most reliable part of the ride and can regularly break when they are put to the test during extreme stunts. Bringing a spare wheel and bearings is a good idea so you don't have to go home after a wheel becomes faulty or breaks. Safety gear - Every time you go out riding you should be equipped with safety gear including a helmet, pads for your knees and pads for your elbows. Without these you put yourself at risk of injury especially if you are performing more difficult and extreme tricks. There is nothing embarrassing about wearing safety gear, all the best riders of stunt scooters wear them and many skateparks actually require them, so put them on or in your bag before setting off. Drinks/snacks - Riding stunt scooters can be hard work, so be sure to take enough refreshments with you to keep you energised and spirited throughout the day. Water, sports drinks and snacks such as energy bars or bananas should give you all the refreshment you need to continue riding at your best. Camera - If you want to record yourself doing tricks or have a friend that is going with you that can video you on the skatepark or elsewhere, why not take a camera with you and make some videos. You can do this using a mobile phone camera but for the best results take a digital or HD camera and use this with a tripod to get steady and professional looking videos of you riding stunt scooters. Tools - To attach a new wheel or other parts of your stunt scooter when they break or need fixing, tools such as a wrench or Allen keys are required so that you can get your ride back in working order as soon as possible. Bringing with you this list of items will ensure you have a fun and safe experience when out on your stunt scooters, so take the time and make sure to pack these up before setting off.
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