Build Your Own Stunt Scooters Skatepark

by:FOX brand     2020-05-13
If you are sick and tired of consistently being asked to move from public areas or on the streets and if you live a long car journey away from an indoor or outdoor skate park, why not have a go at making your own mini skatepark for you and other riders to ride your stunt scooters on. There are various of different ways to make your own skatepark for stunt scooters, including assembling one that doesn't move in your front or back garden or by having a few ramps that you can take outside, to a park or to a friend's house whenever you feel like practising. The best way to start off with building your own stunt scooters skatepark is by investing in a few ramps for you to do some basic stunts on. There are a number of different skate ramps that are suitable for stunt scooters, with the one of the top ones being: Kryptonics Skate Park Zone Launch Ramp A good quality and large ramp that is suitable for all stunt scooters, the Kryptonics Launch Ramp is big enough to get some serious air for performing stunts. The ramp has a tapered front edge for easy transition and a curved lightly textured ramp which you will find smooth and a joy to ride on. Great on its own or as a part of a skatepark, the ramp has non slip rubber feet and looks stylish in plain black. In addition to a ramp and in order to perform a greater variety of tricks and grinds, you will also want to get a grind rail. Rails are fairly inexpensive and can be great fun to practise on, with one of the best working and best value rails being: OSX Ospray Rail The Osprey skate, grind and slide rail is a sturdy rail suitable for stunt scooters and which is almost two metres long which is great to practise all different types of grinds and slides on. With a micro adjustable centre leg you can change the height to be exactly how you desire it making the rail a great addition to any home made skatepark. If you are looking to add to your ramps to get a real skate park feel, you may wish to buy a ramp bridge to give your skatepark more fluidity and to have transitions between each ramp and trick. An inexpensive and quality ramp bridge is: Rampage Launch Ramp Bridge Superb for continuing tricks and having more choices than a ramp alone, the Rampage Launch Bridge is a strong addition to any home made skate park. Intended to be attached to small ramps, the bridge offers a sturdy base which can create flow between tricks and may be used for jumps. These are great items that can be used with each other to create your very own skatepark at home with potentially hundreds of hours of fun on your stunt scooters. If you wish to make ramps from your own materials I would always seek advice from an grown up or expert as these can be dangerous and cause injury when they break, which is why investing in specially made ramp is often a better decision. Whichever option you decide upon, having your own skatepark can save time travelling hours to indoor or outdoor skateparks and can be a better way to become a better rider than performing tricks in public areas.
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