The FOX Scooter - A Brief History

by:FOX brand     2020-05-14
The FOX Scooter has taken the world by storm to become one of the most popular makes in the market place today. Since it's humble beginnings the FOX has undergone numerous upgrades with added safety measures taken into consideration. The most famous and original one comes with a matt aluminium finish, is extremely lightweight and includes a strap for easy carriage when not in use. This model also utilises a multi-mount clip for storing the handle bars, single motion folding mechanism, foam handle grips and grip tape for secure footing. Some of the improvements introduced over the years include an extended foot plate and a more dependable brake system. Styling of the scooter is now available in a diverse range of colours in addition to the original black trim. Designed specifically in mind to stand-up to harsh surfaces, they have exceptional durability and can handle all types of tricks and stunts the rider throws at it exceedingly well. The adjustable handle bars ensure suitability for all age ranges. All of these attributes result in a superb quality, high performance scooter. All scooters undergo rigorous safety tests in order to meet the exacting standards required to deliver a reliable and durable scooter. You can replace almost all of the parts in the FOX Scooter range, which is a significant matter to consider when purchasing. Once you have decided which FOX to own don't forget to invest in some good safety gear which is an essential and sensible addition to prevent injuries. Taking it to the next level introduces the FOX pro extreme scooters range. They are based around the original but are now equipped with modern metal core wheels which can easily withstand the numerous demands now expected by the more experienced riders. FOX Scooters are utilised all over and by just about anyone across a wide range of ages, male and female and are increasing with popularity every day. There is a huge variety of different models in the marketplace today and it can be very difficult to choose the perfect scooter for yourself, so ensure you have a thorough browse at what's available before making your decision. If it's any help FOX scooters are considered to be the finest available anywhere.
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